Pokies Explained in Relation to Slots


The term pokie was first used to refer to poker game devices. This was because they were popular and were often located in bars and casinos. These devices were favored because of their high payout rates, and they quickly became known as pokies. The term pokie eventually caught on, and anything played in a bar or casino became a poky. As a result, it has been used to describe both slot machines and poker game devices.

Differences between slots and pokies

When playing online casino slots, there are a few things to look for to increase your chances of winning. Pokies are the slang terms for slot machines, which are available at casinos in New Zealand and Australia. They first appeared in the early 20th century, when they were first used to simulate poker hands. Over time, pokies have adopted a variety of features including video screens and physical reels. Despite their similarities, the two types of machines can differ greatly in their pay lines, reels, themes, and special features.

Origin of pokies

You may have heard of pokies machines or slots, but do you know where they originated? Both are endemic to Australia and New Zealand. They were first used in Australia in the 1950s and have grown in popularity ever since. While slot machines were more similar to video poker, pokies machines were initially a different type of machine. They were invented by Bavarian-born inventor Charles Fey. He did not set out to create slot machines, but was inspired by the popularity of poker and wanted to create a better game.

Number of reels

While pokie machines have many reels, the number of stops on each one is not known to the players. The number of stops is dependent on the slot machine’s programmer, who can create as many or as few stops as he wants. The number of symbols on a physical reel no longer represents the probability of winning a jackpot; it is simply a display of symbols that can form combinations. The more stops on a reel, the higher the chance that a winning combination will be created.

High payout rates

Despite the fact that Australia requires pokie machines to have a payout percentage, the average percentage is around 90%. Manufacturers of these machines choose payout percentages based on how much a player is willing to pay. Pokies payout rates are often advertised in casinos and on the internet. However, these are not common in real casinos. The listed percentages only reflect theoretical performance over a long period of time. The higher the payout percentage, the better.

Free bonus games

Generally, bonus rounds are more enjoyable than regular rounds on a pokie machine. This is because these games involve multipliers that can be triggered by symbols. They also increase the player’s chances of winning and enrich the game experience. However, players must be aware of the risks involved in bonus rounds. For example, they may be triggered by extra spins, while the winnings in normal rounds are based on symbol combinations.


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