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See Sir Cliff Richard’s The Great 80 Tour live in cinemas

The Great 80 Tour will be broadcast live from the Royal Albert Hall to cinemas on October 27th, 2021. This is an opportunity for fans of Sir Cliff Richard to see him perform in person. The former pop star, Cliff Richard has been...

Where to Get Garth Brooks Nashville Tickets 2021

Garth Brooks is back and he’s brought a couple of surprises with him. The music icon announced that two special concerts will take place in Nashville. Nine billion people around the world have heard Garth Brooks sing his heart out on...

As trial approaches, judge may allow the men Kyle Rittenhouse shot to be called

The men shot by Kyle Rittenhouse in August 2020 can potentially be referred to at his trial as "rioters" or "looters," a Wisconsin judge said Monday while reiterating his long-held view that attorneys should not use the word "victim."Defense...

August has contributed to the economic upheaval as billions of dollars

More than half of Afghanistan’s population is facing acute hunger as the country has been thrown into one of the world’s largest food crises. Almost 23 million Afghans will be hungry due to conflict, drought and an economic downturn that...

Tuesday during her first television interview since

The model Chrissy Teigen said she is “100 days sober” Tuesday during her first television interview since she was accused of cyberbullying over the summer. In June, the 35-year-old issued an apology for her past behavior after the model Courtney...